Are You Leaving Your New Tenants in the Dark?

Posted: 18/11/16 4:25 PM

The evenings are drawing in, Winter is almost upon us and your property is empty. Here’s some top tips to reduce your Winter voids and get your property occupied as quickly as possible.

1. Shed Some Light on The Subject

Check what kind of light bulbs your tenants have left behind. Whilst energy efficient light bulbs are great fordark-living-room saving on energy bills, some of them can take up to five minutes to warm up to full strength. This is a real disadvantage when your property is being viewed during the winter months, especially during November and December when the sun goes down as early as 4pm.

Well-lit rooms look larger, warmer and more inviting and even if your prospective tenant knows that the light bulb will warm up in a short time, it’s the first dimly-lit impression that stays with them.

Light and bright wins every time, so invest either in some Quick Start Energy Efficient Light Bulbs or keep some old style light bulbs in the cupboard for winter voids. Just remember not to fit the old style light bulbs before arranging your Energy Performance Certificate!

2. Being Warm Helps Prospective Tenants Feel at Home

Whilst it’s tempting to switch off the heating when your previous tenants leave your property, it’s a good idea to leave it on a low setting. The primary reason for keeping the heating on is to prevent boiler breakdowns and burst pipes – after all, the cost of leaving the heating on at a very low setting is nothing compared to a burst pipe. During viewings we’ve also noticed that warmer properties are more attractive to prospective tenants than their colder counterparts. A cold property feels less homely and feeling cold often makes a prospective tenant think about heating bills.

3. Sweeping Leaves a Good Impression

Autumn leaves on the garden path, either leading up to the front door or in the back garden can be trailed back into the house by prospective tenants. Sweeping these leaves up, tidying up the garden, cleaning decking and moving empty wheelie bins out of sight can really improve the appeal of your property and also ensures that your carpets and kitchen floors remain cleaner for longer. Neutral doormats are also recommended at the front and back doors. If you have time to pop in occasionally and run the vacuum cleaner over the carpets and mop the kitchen floor it’s well worth the effort. If you don’t live in the area, then ask your Letting Agent to arrange this on your behalf.

4. Keep Energy Key Cards Topped Up

If your property has key-card meters for gas and electricity then make sure that they remain well topped up. Not only does this prevent viewings in the dark, it also ensures that your heating remains on and functional. Don’t forget also that these cards have a daily tariff attached to them, so even if the lights are switched off after every viewing, you need to take this into account when you decide how much money to put on the meter.

Implementing these Winter Lettings Tips will leave your prospective tenants with the best possible first impression and improve your chances of reducing your void period. If you’re a Fully Managed Martin & Co customer and you’d like us to help you arrange energy card top ups, quick start light bulbs or any of the above, then we’d be delighted to help.

You may also get fewer viewings in Autumn and Winter, but you’ll also get less tyre-kickers – those who shop for their next home in the cold and rain mean business!

If you’d like us to help you let your property, then give us a call on 01304 213312 or use the contact form below…


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